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Exciting Changes
As we move forward into the future, we at Cupidolls look to modernize with it and we are very excited to to bring you our new looking bottles. Rest assured, that though the look of our bottles are in the process of change we still maintain our long lasting, high quality fragrance. For the past 40 years we have always strived to obtain only the best ingredients from the best European suppliers. Click here to read more.
The look is new, but the perfume is unchanged.

January to March 2022

All the values below have already been calculated with your chosen country's VAT and are done so using the Rand (ZAR).
2 x Items for the price of R420.00. (Group 2)

Ladies Fragrances

Item Fragrance
SCP13Chéri D'Amour ®
SCP14Chic ®
SCP16Cuban Candy
SCP18Comme Prévu
SCP36Fleurette ®
SCP40Éveillé ®
SCP43Forever Ella
SCP53Poppy Noir
SCP58La Loi
SCP61L'Acqua for her
SCP82Sascha ®

Mens Fragrances

Item Fragrance
MR921Bleu Emperor

To qualify for the Special Offer price you need to select two items from the list.
Should you wish to place an order mail our Mail Order at Should you email your order through please be sure to state the code and name of the fragrance you wish to order, if you you are on the Carry Forward system and whether or not this is your first order.

The offered fragrances are original creations of our perfumery department. The indication of market products with similar olfactive profile is only a way to describe the family or families of odours. No other association or relation should be established between these market products and our creations which are raw materials to be used in consumer goods.

All parcels will be handled by our Mail Order in East London, South Africa. Because of high postage and courier costs, any purchase less than R840.00 please add R110.00 delivery cost to your order. FOR ALL OTHER PARCELS YOU ADD R140.00.
Please understand that this charge is purely for economical reasons, as the charge on small parcels is not viable for us.