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Ordering and Purchase Plans

Currently Cupidolls has three systems for you to choose from. Carry Forward (buy 4 SCP perfumes and get 1 free), Discount (gain a discounted rate depending on how many SCP perfumes you purchase) and Economical Range (buy 10 Economical perfumes and get 1 free). You can of course simply purchase any one of our perfumes at any time, but using any of these systems can bring in some extra coin at the end of the day.

The Carry Forward system only applies to orders placed through our mail order.
Any in store purchase will not count towards the Carry Forward system.

Group 2 Carry Forward System
Our Special Offer runs for three months at a time and has a different list of perfumes for each run. Normally you would pay R230.00 for a single bottle of our Super Concentrated Perfume, but with the Special Offer you pay R420.00 for the two, which means you are paying R210 for each bottle. You have to purchase two items from Group 2 in order to get the Special Offer price. Already you are saving money, and as an agent selling the product at store price, you can earn yourself R40.00 from the sales. Now to fully benefit from the Carry Forward System, if you were to purchase four bottles from the Special Offer range and claim your one free bottle from the same range it would cost you R840. That's only R168.00 per bottle. Normally you would pay R1,150.00 for the five bottles, but with the Carry Forward System you have saved yourself R310.00.

Group 4 Carry Forward System
Just as with the Group 2 Carry Forward System, the Group 4 Carry Forward system works in the same way but, with a small difference. Your selection is from our entire Super Concentrated Perfume range at full price. A single bottle of Super Concentrated Perfume will cost you R230.00 and if you were to buy five bottles you would pay R1,150.00. With the Carry Forward system you could buy 4 bottles and get your fifth one free. That means you are only paying R184.00 per bottle with a savings of R230.00.

What if I don't take four items right away?
When you join the Carry Forward system, your details are placed on our system and we keep track of your purchases. This gives you the freedom to purchase as you need and still qualify for your free perfume. Please remember that if you purchase from Group 2 or Group 4, your purchase needs to come from the same group you previously purchased from.

If there is anything that is not clear please do not hesitate to Contact Us and we will be happy to be of assistance to you.

All parcels will be handled by our Mail Order in East London, South Africa and sent via FedEx. Because of high courier costs please add R110.00 delivery cost to your order.
Please understand that this charge is purely for economical reasons, as the charge on small parcels is not viable for us.

Qty Item Cost
3 SCP Perfumes R690.00
sub-Total R690.00
Delivery cost of FedEx R110.00
Amount to deposit - Total R800.00

Qty Item Cost
1 2 x SCP (Perfume Special) R420.00
1 2 x SCP (Perfume Special) R420.00
1 Free SCP (Carry Forward) R0.00
sub-Total R840.00
Delivery cost of FedEx R110.00
Amount to deposit - Total R950.00

The Discount system only applies to orders placed through our mail order.
Any in store purchase will not count towards the Discount system.

The Discount system works in this way:
Selecting from our full Super Concentrated Perfume range (Group 4), you will receive a discounted price depending on how much your entire order comes to. You can order no less than R 1,150.00 worth of items. Anything less than that and you do not qualify for the discount. That would be a minimum of 5 Super Concentrated perfumes. For smaller orders please consider our Carry Forward system. Samples do not count toward the end value and neither does the Group 2 Special Offer.

By being observant, you can increase your earning power!
In effect, your income could be boosted by a few hundred Rand with each order.

The table below is a list of the most popular quantities we usually get an order for.
This is only a guideline and are for our Super Concentrated range.

Bottles @ R230.00 each Less % subTotal FedEx Amount to Deposit per Bottle
5R1,150.0020% (R230.00)R920.00R110.00R1,030.00R206.00
6R1,380.0025% (R345.00)R1,035.00R110.00R1,145.00R190.83
15R3,450.0025% (R862.50)R2,587.50R110.00R2,697.50R179.83
16R3,680.0035% (R1,288.00)R2,392.00R110.00R2,502.00R156.38
24R5,520.0040% (R2,208.00)R3,312.00R110.00R3,422.00R142.58
25R5,750.0040% (R2,300.00)R3,450.00R110.00R3,560.00R142.40
32R7,360.0040% (R2,944.00)R4,416.00R110.00R4,526.00R141.44
48R11,040.0040% (R4,416.00)R6,624.00R140.00R6,764.00R140.92

The Economical Range works in this way:
For every 10 Economical perfumes that you buy, you will receive 1 FREE bottle of your choice. Buy 10 get one FREE. So if you buy 50 Economical range perfumes, you will receive 5 extra bottles for free. That's R445.00 worth of perfumes for free. Keep in mind that if you buy 55 bottles of perfume, you still only qualify for 5 free perfumes. Unlike the Carry Forward system, no perfumes will be carried over to the next purchase. Each qualification is per purchase.

Each Economical range perfume costs only R89.00 per bottle. The only difference between our Super Concentrated perfume and our Economical range is the lasting power. The strength, fragrance and quality of both perfume types are all the same, giving you top Cupidolls quality.

Please be aware of the FedEx charges.

We thank you for your interest in our products and would like to assure you of our good faith at all times. Our Economical range is more affordable making it easier to sell, while still maintaining our quality in fragrance.

Bottles @ R89.00 eachsubTotal FedEx Amount to Deposit per Bottle
10+1 Free (11 bottles)R890.00R110.00R1,000.00R90.91
20+2 Free (22 bottles)R1,780.00R110.00R1,890.00R85.91
30+3 Free (33 bottles)R2,670.00R110.00R2,780.00R84.24
40+4 Free (44 bottles)R3,560.00R110.00R3,670.00R83.41
50+5 Free (55 bottles)R4,450.00R110.00R4,560.00R82.91
60+6 Free (66 bottles)R5,340.00R140.00R5,480.00R83.03
70+7 Free (77 bottles)R6,230.00R140.00R6,370.00R82.73
80+8 Free (88 bottles)R7,120.00R140.00R7,260.00R82.50
90+9 Free (99 bottles)R8,010.00R140.00R8,150.00R82.32
100+10 Free (110 bottles)R8,900.00R140.00R9,040.00R82.18