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Exciting Changes
As we move forward into the future, we at Cupidolls look to modernize with it and we are very excited to to bring you our new looking bottles. Rest assured, that though the look of our bottles are in the process of change we still maintain our long lasting, high quality fragrance. For the past 40 years we have always strived to obtain only the best ingredients from the best European suppliers. Click here to read more.
The look is new, but the perfume is unchanged.

Perfume Range

- Super Concentrated Range (30ml): R230.00
- Concentrated Range (30ml): R82.00
- SCP Sample (2ml): R10.00


SCP01Affaire de Coeur ®Affaire of the heart
SCP07Amber BellaAmber girl
SCP08BlaséSophisticated, Blasé
SCP09Célèbre ®Famous
SCP13Chéri D'Amour ®Dearest love
SCP14Chic ®Smart
SCP15CravingSomething begged for
SCP16Cuban CandyCuban dessert
SCP18Comme PrévuAs planned
SCP19Cupidon 100 ®Source of love
SCP20Déjà VuAlready seen
SCP23DelaVieBeyond life
SCP29Allez-Même ®Her, herself
SCP30Celeste ®Celestial, heavenly
SCP31Eloïse ®Pure, ambitious, healthy
SCP32Enfin ®And finally
SCP35En Fleur ®Blooming
SCP36Fleurette ®To flower
SCP40Éveillé ®Bright
SCP41FetishUnreasonable importance
SCP42JC 100 (unisex)Unisex perfume
SCP43Forever EllaForver Ella
SCP46Juvidique ®Honourable
SCP53Poppy NoirBlack poppy
SCP54Héroïne ®Heroine, lady hero
SCP55Jessie ®Joyful
SCP57Kathleen ®Pure, undefiled
SCP58La LoiThe law
SCP61L'Acqua for herThe water
SCP62Maruschka ®Acerbity
SCP64Mêlé de crainteTo be in awe
SCP67Nikita ®Beautiful woman
SCP68Le PlusThe most
SCP72Prés De Toi ®Near to you
SCP73Prix D'Amour ®Price of love
SCP74Privé NuitPrivate (secret) night
SCP79Renom ®Great reputation
SCP82Sascha ®Assistance
SCP83TomboyMischievous girl
SCP84Toxique for herToxic
SCP85Succés ®Success
SCP89Summer DreamA dream in summer
SCP92Verlei ®To entice
SCP95White LiesWhite lies
SCP96WittyIntelligent, careful thinking
SCP99Zest la Vie for herZest for life


MR918Allant ®To advance
MR920De BoisWood, wooden
MR921Bleu EmperorBlue emperor
MR926EquinoxDay and night of equal length
MR930FathomTo understand
MR934HunterOne who hunts
MR942JC 100 (unisex)Unisex Perfume
MR960JohnLouis ®John Louis
MR970L'Acqua for himThe water
MR973L'Echec ®Game of chess
MR978LemanA man
MR980Réche pour hommeRough
MR987TrystRomantic rendezvous
MR990MêléeBrawl, fight
MR992TomcatTo denote male animal
MR994ToleranceTolerate, endure
MR995Toxique for himToxic
MR996Yasu for himCalm, Peaceful
MR997WinsomeCharming, attractive
MR998Zest le Vie for himZest for life
The offered fragrances are original creations of our perfumery department. The indication of market products with similar olfactive profile is only a way to describe the family or families of odours. No other association or relation should be established between these market products and our creations which are raw materials to be used in consumer goods.