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What's New

Exciting Changes

As we move forward into the future, we at Cupidolls look to modernize with it and we are very excited to to bring you our new looking bottles. Rest assured, that though the look of our bottles are in the process of change we still maintain our long lasting, high quality fragrance. For the past 40 years we always strive to obtain only the best ingredients from the best European suppliers.
The look is new, but the perfume is unchanged.

So whats the difference?

- Economic Range -

Previous design
▸ Plain bottle.
▸ Gold or silver foil sticker with the perfume name and additional information.
▸ Ingredients sticker on the back in gold foiling.
New design
▸ Cupidolls embossed on the side of bottle.
▸ Black sticker for both male and female fragrance with the perfume name, concentration and web site.
▸ Ingredients sticker on the back in black with bottle volume.

- Super Concentrated Perfume -

Previous design
▸ Plain bottle.
▸ Just the perfume name and bottle volume in white printing on the front.
▸ Bottle volume, concentration, supplied by and telephone number all at the back of the bottle printed in white.
New design
▸ Cupidolls embossed on the side of bottle.
▸ Perfume name with concentration and web site on front. Looks just like the economic range artwork but this has been printed in white on the bottle.
▸ Ingredients sticker with bottle volume printed in white.

Just remember
To ensure that you have the correct concentration of perfume, the economic range perfumes have black printing on the bottle, where as the super concentrated perfume will have white printing.

Cupidolls decision to make these changes in stages, was to ensure that the cost of our perfumes remained affordable. Rest assured that though we are changing our look, we will never change the quality of our perfume.