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About us

Orderite/Cupidolls is an importer of aeromatic essential oils of French origin. Our factory blends and processes these components in South Africa to create fragrances of an exquisite nature.

All our perfume fragrances are long lasting on the skin and have a refined quality nose (fragrance).

Orderite manufactures two different concentrations of perfume:
1 We have a Super Concentrated Perfume with a lasting power of 6 - 12 hours and longer. This 30ml size bottle is presented in an attractive box.
2 We also have a more economical range at an affordable price. This 30ml bottle has no box and is slightly less concentrated.
Both the Super Concentrated and Economical range consist of the same fragrance names.

We have asked our customers to please be careful of brand confusion and the flood of diluted copies in the market place. They have proven to be inferior and lack the lasting quality that ours are renowned for.

Please remember, if it does not say Orderite or Cupidolls on the bottle, it's a copy!!!
Our name and the quality of our perfume is our integrity.

We are offering our Perfumes to the public at special prices. This is an outstanding opportunity for you. We are promoting our products, and you have a luxury range to offer the public at irresistible prices. Our promotional attitude is that the best way to advertise is to allow people to sample it. Testers for all our fragrances are available at a reasonable price.

How concentrated is concentrate and super concentrate?

Orderite's Super Concentrate is on average 300% more concentrate than the better French cologne's.
In order of concentration (weakest to strongest)
1 Cologne
2 Eau de Toilette
3 Perfume
4 Concentrated Perfume
5 Super Concentrated Perfume
How long will it last on the average person?
If you have a normal skin type, and apply the perfume after a bath, it will last approximately 6-12 hours.
High acid levels in the skin (low ph) will degrade a perfume faster.

NB: Our perfumes contain NO water.

Our amazing products are not just available to South Africa, but other parts of the world as well. Find out what you can do, as a non-resident of South Africa, to also take part in our company's long proven system.

Become part of the Cupidolls family as we grow even bigger with branches in Queenstown, Port Elizabeth, Pine Town and East London. We are always looking ahead and strive to better ourselves as a company and ensure our products remain at their highest quality. You are important to us and we will strive to live up to our reputation of good service, high standards and top quality. Visit us often as there is always something happening. We offer great specials that run for 3 months at a time.

A number of factors influence your choice of perfume. Your skin type is one, fragrances smell different on dry skin than they do on oily skin. Everyones skin has a different chemical composition, and not all perfumes are necessarily compactible.

All skins react differently.
You'll get the softest, most fleeting effect if you apply the fragrance to areas where the skin is dry.
Applying it to areas where sweat glands are located will give the fragrance a strong, musky aroma.
Fragrances last longer on oily skin, and perfume may smell more potent if you've been eating spicy or fatty foods.
Altitude also plays a role in the potency and longevity of perfume. High up in the mountains, you would have to apply perfume more often or choose a stronger concentration.
The most important factor when choosing a perfume seems to be your age.

Tastes change as one gets older. Girls first show an interest in perfume when they reach puberty. Their heightened sense of smell is brought about by the increased production of the female hormone, estrogen.

Estrogen also effects your sense of smell later in life. During ovulation you smell is keenest, and during menstruation, it's weakest. After menopause it starts to taper off.

For nostalgic reasons some women buy the same fragrance all the time, or a fragrance that they wore as teenagers. This generally leads to disappointment, as the fragrance has "changed" since they last wore it. They're usually convinced that the composition of the perfume has been changed, but it's really their sense of smell that has become more refined.

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Bank: Nedbank
Branch: East London
Account Number: 1263 0248 23
Branch Code: 121021 (if asked)


Bank: First National Bank
Branch Oxford Street
Account Number: 6203 2782 494
Branch Code: 210121 (if asked)

Standard Bank

Bank: Standard Bank
Branch East London
Account Number: 08111 5962
Branch Code: 0500 2100 (if asked)

Banking Details:
The full amount of your order is to be deposited. Cash or Electronic deposits only. (Cheque/mixed deposits have a 10 day waiting period)
When doing a bank transfer, please press hard on your deposit slip as when it is faxed, it becomes difficult to read.
Please state you Name, Surname, Town/City and Telephone number CLEARLY on the deposit slip.
Fax/e-Mail us your clearly printed deposit slip.
Phone Orderite/Cupidolls to confirm that your deposit has been received.
FedEx to collect.
Old and new customers, when placing an order, must please put their delivery address (residential or work for FedEx to deliver)
• When placing an order please email it to
• Unfortunately some areas, mainly rural areas, do not have any FedEx offices or depots, but can still deliver your parcel.
Your cellphone & telephone numbers are VERY IMPORTANT for FedEx to reach you.
To safeguard our clients interests, all parcels will be insured for the full sales value as per specification.

Please be observant for any parcels that could have been tampered with. Once you have signed and accepted your parcel, Orderite will not be liable for any damaged or stolen goods. It is for your own benefit.

In the past decade international legislation has prohibited the use of musk moskene and oak moss, amongst others, in perfumes. Therefore, due to circumstances beyond our control, suppliers have had to completely discontinue, with immediate effect, those ingredients in all formulas. The strength and lasting power of our product has not changed, however, you will notice that the color is a bit lighter and there might be a slight change in the after note, if any.
As always we strive to have the best quality fragrance on the market, and will let you know of any changes in the future.